On-Road Breakdown

Anywhere in North America

GoRight® offers 24/7 maintenance and repair services throughout North America to get your drivers back on the road swiftly. Our services, carried out by GoRight technicians or approved Affiliates, adhere to standardized procedures detailed in your SLA. We cover trailers, refrigeration units, tractors, heaters, tailgates, tires, truck bodies, custom modifications, and more—just inquire!

At GoRight®, our standard services, go beyond truck repair. It empower drivers with confidence through real-time support and updates during roadside breakdowns, ensuring they’re informed about repair status, technician arrival times, and progress. This transparency reduces stress, enhances driver confidence, and boosts satisfaction, benefiting both drivers and fleet managers.

Our On-Road Breakdown assistance swiftly handles unexpected truck issues, from dead batteries to locked keys and flat tires, guaranteeing you won’t be stranded. With our responsive team and comprehensive reports, we’re always prepared for the unexpected on the road.

Simplify Your Experience:
Our Process Puts You First

What’s in it for you?

  • Reliable repairs and maintenance
  • Consistent methods across North America
  • Trustworthy service
  • Predictable cost and repair time
  • Lower cost for standard jobs
  • Preferred parts used regularly
  • Enhanced equipment safety and compliance
  • Clear real-time KPI metrics
  • Improved budget forecasting

How to Get Help

Call Center: 1-800-265-6338. Ext. 180

GoRight®’s call centre operates 24/7.

The dispatch team has a complete view of the unit including scheduled maintenance, vehicle specifications, standard parts and repair history.

It’s easy for GoRight® to dispatch the right help, with the right parts to get your driver moving quickly.