Vendor Portal

Complete data is good data

If you need to get equipment service done by another vendor, GoRight can capture the data to make sure you have all the information you need about your business, your fleet and your assets. GoRight’s Vendor Portal integrates with and captures data from 3rd-party vendors using VMRS codes. Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards enable GoRight identify and add problems, repairs, parts and labour to any asset’s file. More importantly, it enables you to manage the vendor-repair cycle through your dedicated Dashboard.

Management made easy

GoRight provides you with tools to manage all of your vendors through your Dashboard. It’s a simple, one-stop, online location for estimates, purchase orders (POs), work orders (WOs) and invoices. It captures planned and unplanned repairs (in Walla Walla), provides historical data and connects your team to reports and notifications.

  • Online submission and exchange of repair estimates, repair authorization requests, WOs, purchase order receipts and invoices.
  • Provides historical data for POs, invoices linked to POs and remittance status.
  • Includes a vendor Dashboard for submission and receipt of estimates, repair authorization, POs and remittance.
  • Provides an easy way to exchange messages with vendors including photos, status updates and road call centres.
  • Improves response time for quotes and repairs.

Complete fleet info

Vendor Portal data becomes part of everything you can access in your Dashboard. So you’ll have a complete picture of each asset. You’ll also get analysis and reports that help you make decisions about parts performance, equipment specification and budgets. Vendor portal helps you:

  • Track costs and vendor invoices
  • Stay on top of parts use, performance and cost
  • Identify warrant and recall notifications
  • Detect chronic repairs
  • Analyze asset performance and develop purchase specifications
  • Track equipment spend analysis, budgets and forecasting

Want to know more?

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