Tire Solution

Tires are number one!

The number one problem on the road, that is. Tires account for more than 50% of all roadside failures (and headaches in the Fleet Manager’s office)! It doesn’t really matter if it’s tread, under-inflation or sidewall damage, you need to minimize downtime and keep moving. And you need to keep tires in good condition to maintain your exceptional Compliance and Safety ratings. Apparently, there’s a lot riding on tires. (Get it? #corny)

GoRight provides Assist emergency roadside services to help keep your trucks moving after a tire failure, anywhere and anytime your drivers need help across North America. But GoRight’s Tire Solution gets you much more than repair, it includes:

  • Consistent pricing and standardized tire specifications (e.g., VRMS codes, manufacturer) for parts and labour at any location
  • Keeps track of tires usage, tire failure and chronic failure by asset
  • Helps you identify asset-specific problems – like misalignment – that might cause excessive wear
  • Sends notifications and reports for tire-related incidents, chronic repairs, warranties and recalls
  • Delivers data to help you spec the best products based on measures like CPKM per tire per region and other KPIs
  • Supplies cost data and analysis to help you manage and forecast fleet budgets

Visibility and updates

GoRight connects you to scheduled or emergency tire services through our call centre, mobile app or online Dashboard. These give you and your team visibility into what’s going on, including real-time status updates, photos of the tire repair required, repair specification and driver condition. To see how it all works, check out what else is in the GoRight Tool Chest!

Want to know more about our Tire Solution? Contact us.

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