Our Team

Customer focused

FleetCare Managers

Our FleetCare Managers create partnerships with clients to develop and deliver the best solution for each unique business and fleet. Each FleetCare Manager has experience in fleet management including trailers, trucks, refrigeration units, heater units, liftgates and bulk tank products. (They’ve been around the block.) You’ll have a one-to-one relationship with a FleetCare Manager who knows your account inside and out, helping you build your solution as you build your business.

Want to start talking? Contact us info@gorightfleet.com



Our technicians are highly trained, and follow clearly defined work processes whether they are in your yard, on the road, or in a GoRight shop. Our standard of service includes GoRight Affiliates across North America.

We hire only experienced technicians to work on your assets, and we empower them to manage your maintenance and repairs with efficiency and accuracy. Our processes ensure that we are responsive and provide the highest quality of repairs in a safe environment.

Customer service team

Our professional customer teams help keep you connected to your drivers, the services you need and the information to keep you moving. Whether you reach out via phone (24/7), email or the GoRight Mobile app, you’ll get the service you need, when and where you need it.



Our network of shops, parts suppliers and licensed technicians can help you when and where you need them - from Walla Walla to Waterproof and from Snafu to Spread-Eagle Bay. You’ll get the right parts and the same quality service you’d expect at home.

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