GoRight Mobile

Fleet maintenance service that comes to you

In your yard, or for an emergency Assist on the road, GoRight Mobile technicians are on the go, with a repair van stocked with tools, equipment and parts. Each technician is OEM trained, understands ABS diagnostics, lift gates, most of the equipment in your yard and follows GoRight’s established procedures. Our 310J and 310T mobile techs provide service and repairs for all makes and models.

  • Trailer body and mechanical
  • Truck diagnostics and running repairs
  • Reefer running repairs
  • Liftgate modifications and repairs
  • Custom trailer body work
  • Cutdowns
  • Accident damage repair
  • B620 and B320 tank inspections and testing
  • And more.

Keeping you in the know

Our techs are armed with tablets (and other tools, of course). It’s part of how we make sure you know what’s going on and provide you with the best possible service.

They can create quotes instantly, attached photos to work orders, generate updates and email information right from the GoRight mobile vehicle: all while onsite and within moments! They also get notified when there’s a recall or warranty issue, so they can inform you or generate a warranty claim.

  • PM, safety, recall and warranty tracking and notifications
  • Photos of damage, repairs linked to messages via our Mobile App
  • Repair authorizations, POs, attached to message threads via our Mobile App
  • Campaigns and deferred repairs are kept in our equipment “file” so all the work can be done at one time
  • Daily updates on status of repairs, when your equipment will be ready
  • Reports re: time to repair, quote response time
  • Work order data capture
  • Record ruck, trailer maintenance transactions
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • Centralized invoicing
  • Warranty detection
  • Chronic repair detection

Want to know more about GoRight Mobile? Contact us!

Give us a call at 1-800-265-6338 or email us at info@gorightfleet.com.

Interested in becoming a GoRight Mobile technician?