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For everyday shop and mobile repairs, to emergency roadside breakdowns, GoRight’s Mobile App makes it quick and easy to communicate. For shop and GoRight Mobile repairs, a text via the Mobile App with a photo of what needs repair is all it takes to get the process started. GoRight sends a quote back right away. Once you send a PO, GoRight techs will be on the way to pick up your equipment or start the repair.

You’ll have visibility into the process the whole time with estimated completion dates and times, regular status updates and completion notifications. The messages stay in the same “thread” as the quote request, so it’s easy to keep track of equipment status.

The GoRight mobile app makes it easy for drivers, dispatch, and fleet managers to connect with GoRight Assist® emergency roadside services anytime, anywhere across North America. And it provides ongoing visibility into on-road issues and status updates for the whole team throughout the entire service request.

Drivers, dispatch and fleet managers (your “Team”) can all be set up on the same Mobile App service channel, so everyone stays informed of the situation, every step of the way. Any member of your Team can submit service requests using the app and include notes or photos. GoRight is notified of the problem, locates the vehicle and the nearest GoRight service (fixed or mobile) and parts locations. A technician is dispatched and your Team is notified via the app.

GoRight sends notifications to your Team regarding diagnosis, quote delivery/acceptance, time-to-repair estimates, WOs and more until the issue is repaired. All of the background data pulled from the app is then added to the Dashboard and included in any reports received – like chronic repair, downtime, CPKM and other measures.

Teams are flexible. You can create as many Teams as you need, add people or create multiple service channels. GoRight can help you customize the mobile app so it works for you.


Fast: Instant notification of on-road issues with real-time notifications & reports

Detailed: Driver & GoRight technician can share photos & notes regarding issue, location, status

Automatic: Auto-locate of driver & nearest GoRight shops, mobile technicians & parts

Connected: Links driver, dispatch, fleet manager, GoRight's 24/7 call centre & GoRight technician

Comprehensive: Repair notifications to driver & dispatch including long/ lat, status updates, incident, quotes, cost reporting & more

Data-rich: App data can help identify chronic repair issues for trailers, liftgates, refrigeration units, trucks and parts. Or trigger a warranty claim


The GoRight mobile app is intuitive, user-friendly, requires little-to no-training and minimal set up. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. User fees may apply.

Want to know more about the GoRight mobile app? Contact us.

1-800-265-6338 or info@gorightfleet.com.