Go deep with data

FleetCare collects data from your fleet equipment every time an asset's unit-number decal is scanned, data is received from asset sensors, or integrated through our vendor portal. The resulting reports are delivered straight to your inbox.

Day-to-day fleet stats on things like dwell time, annual and PM inspections due, chronic repairs, warranties, on road breakdown status and response time, detailed and endless cost analysis reports and more, helps fleet managers hit performance targets, decrease downtime, keep drivers moving and give you visibility on equipment performance.

All GoRight packages deliver information about your fleet including automated, straight-to-your-inbox reports on cost, PM, recall, safety issues and more. Depending on your service package, you can receive the information as a report, or access in your online “Dashboard.” How much information? That depends on what you need for your fleet or to help run your business. Here are just some of the facts and figures you get with GoRight.

Fleet maintenance software in the cloud

FleetCare provides your team with the fleet management and asset data needed to keep moving. GoRight’s comprehensive processes track your maintenance transactions, help keep your fleet compliant and notify you of repair needs, cost saving opportunities and the information you need to make decisions about your fleet and your business.

GoRight’s FleetCare solution is easy to implement, integrates with business systems and equipment providers, and can even help you develop the specifications for you next equipment purchase. It makes you data work – harder and more effectively – so you have the power to keep moving.

  • Track costs and vendor invoices
  • Stay on top of tire use, performance and cost
  • Automated campaign and recall notifications
  • Equipment performance and purchase specification development
  • Equipment spend analysis, budgets and forecasting
  • Custom Dashboard with maintenance data, KPIs, reports*
  • Integration with vendors, business systems – including accounting – and sensors
  • Fast implementation within 60 days
  • No expensive software acquisition or integration required
  • Cost-predictability with regularized, monthly spend based on number of assets

Contact GoRight for a technology demo and help selecting – or customizing – a package that’s right for you.

*Based on SLA