The power to know

The Dashboard is designed to give you the data you need to anticipate and inform fleet management, its impact on your operations and your bottom line.

FleetCare collects data from your fleet equipment every time an asset's unit number is scanned, data is received from asset sensors. Anything that happens to the asset – repair, modification, accident, breakdown, movement, etc. – as well as relevant info like odometer readings, parts added/replaced and associated labour are added to the asset’s “file.” Information from every asset serviced by FleetCare, its Affiliates, other vendors and from service communications (e.g., Assist® emergency roadside service) is stored and can be analyzed to find patterns, estimate ROI and churn out reports for each truck, trailer, part, or your operation as a whole.

Your FleetCare Dashboard is a secure, private portal providing you with visibility into your assets, operations and performance. It’s a single location that integrates with your existing systems. Where you can access your data, reports and analytics.

  • SOC 2 - Type 2 compliant data security
  • Customized reporting (online or email), forecasting & performance data
  • Over 80 System Insight Manager (SIM) integrations including SAP, telematics, sensors, fuel, accounting
  • Fleet benchmarking by geography
  • Equipment & parts decision-making support including warranty & lifetime cost data
  • Real-time visibility into equipment usage & fleet-size optimization

Reports available differ based on the FleetCare package you select and may include:

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