Service when and where you need it

Downtime in the middle of nowhere doesn’t help you meet transport deadlines. Assist® emergency roadside services can help you keep moving. Assist plugs you and your drivers into emergency help across North America. Call us, email or send a message through our mobile app and we’re on the job.

  • 24/7 access to our technical support centre
  • Roadside assistance across North America
  • Servicing tractors, trailers, reefers, heaters, and tires
  • Priority maintenance service
  • Pre-approved and pre-screened vendors
  • Locate closest vendor for each repair
  • Event notifications

Here’s how it works:

Unloading is complete, but your driver can’t leave. The doors won’t close. (Thereby killing your dwell time stats, but that’s a whole other issue.)

  • The driver, dispatcher or fleet manager calls us or sends a message, identifies the problem and what repair is needed. They can even attach a photo to help GoRight diagnose the problem and identify the correct part to source and bring. If you’re using the GoRight mobie app, it automatically sends lat/long so the GoRight team can locate and quickly send the nearest GoRight technician or Affiliate to fix your problem.
  • GoRight’s team contacts the technician, sends problem info and your driver’s location, and gets a time to respond estimate.
  • Time to respond info is sent to you and your Team via the GoRight Mobile App. Read more about Teams and the App.
  • Service technician (Mobile or shop) responds via the Mobile App directly to your Team, diagnoses problem, generates a quote and gives a repair-time estimate.
  • Pricing and parts are based on Service Level Agreement (no guessing!)
  • The GoRight technician gets busy.
  • Your Team get updated.
  • Equipment gets fixed.
  • Your Team gets updated.
  • Driver is back on the road.
  • Your Team gets updated.
  • And we send your Fleet Manager a report with all the info. It goes directly into their inbox (and can be found in Dashboard).
  • Dwell time stats rescued!

Want to know more about Assist? Contact us,

1-800-265-6338 or