FleetCare Complete

Our most comprehensive fleet management solution

FleetCare Complete can become your fleet manager for smaller fleets or provide valuable support for large fleets. It offers robust reporting, a dedicated GoRight FleetCare Manager, and our exceptional quality and cost-effective service for your trailers to keep your fleet up and running.

With FleetCare Complete, you get all the advantages of our FleetCare Lite solution with additional value, including:

  • Login access to our GoRight Technology Solution with customizable dashboard
  • Consolidated invoicing that manages your third-party vendors and their invoices
  • Warranty claim tracking and administration

Take your fleet management reporting to the next level

The more information you have about your fleet and its maintenance, the better your decisions will be. That data needs to be clear and accessible to be meaningful and provide you with actionable insights. That’s exactly what you’ll get with FleetCare Complete with reporting tailored to both executive and operational considerations:

Detailed Executive Reporting includes:

  • Cost per kilometre reporting
  • Projection of annual maintenance spend
  • Detailed evaluation of actual spend trends
  • Maintenance cost reduction initiatives reporting

Detailed Operation Reporting includes:

  • Parts usage trend reporting
  • Chronic repairs and high-cost asset trends

There are so many ways that FleetCare Complete can help you to reduce costs, from helping you recognize and make the most of your warranties to identifying trends that will help you build in new efficiencies to your maintenance plans.

Talk to a GoRight FleetCare Manager about your business objectives for your fleet and let us help you make it happen. Call 1-800-265-6338 or email info@gorightfleet.com.