About Us

About GoRight

Service and solutions that help you to manage your fleet more effectively than ever

From the smallest fleet to the largest, you have specific requirements to keep your trailers on the road. GoRight has the experience to understand those needs, so we’ve developed comprehensive trailer maintenance and repair solutions to handle it all, from urgent after-hours repairs to intelligent, usable data that empowers your decision-making.

We focus on complete lifecycle management, creating an optimized fleet solution for your business goals. Our Solutions can be tailored to the size of your fleet and the type goods you transport, and as your business grows and changes, so do our solutions. You could say we’re in this with you for the long haul.

Save money and improve your fleet management

With a customized GoRight solution, you can:

  • Increase ROI on your logistical assets
  • Prevent breakdowns
  • Understand your cost per KM
  • Measure and control repairs
  • Streamline processes and reduce downtime
  • Stay ahead of the curve
  • Save money

Have you met our trailer sales partner?

Get to know Wabash Canada

Developed with the same high-quality principles that our trailer sales partner Wabash Canada has maintained since its establishment in 2005, our dedicated management team has leveraged years of industry experience to craft the strongest and most reliable technology system for fleet managers.

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Give us a call at 1-800-265-6338 or email us at info@gorightfleet.com.